Confidential & Private Sex for womens and Housewifes

WHEN it comes to having fun in the bedroom, some women shell out for a good time.

And they don’t care if getting jiggy with a gigolo costs a three-figure sum. Here we meet the girls who reckon it’s okay to pay for the man on their arm.


Anita, 21, is a struggling model from Navi-mumbai

OpenI met Romi while out clubbing and immediately felt a flutter of attraction. Then out of the blue he confided what his job was.

I’m an escort,” he said. “I show girls who want no-strings sex a good time.

After a stream of terrible relationships, I knew Romi could be the answer to my prayers.

Soon, we were kissing in a back room of the club. Later, in his bedroom, we became a tangled mess.

Romi didn’t skip on the starters and rush straight to the main course, he spent hours making sure I was enjoying myself. That first evening was for free, but after a few days, I booked him for another night.

After arranging to meet, and agreeing a price for an evening’s entertainment and extras, I put on my sexiest dress and prepared for another amazing time.

That night, as Romi gave me the time of my life, I paid him good amount.

It’s strange to think of him with other girls now I’ve been sleeping with him for a few months.

I’d never date an escort, but if Romi left his job, I’d definitely consider a relationship. I see him at least once a month, sometimes more.

Escorts are an expensive habit, but not one I’d go cold turkey for.


Arpita Arora, 32, is from Mumbai

OpenAs I knocked on the hotel room door, my heart fluttered nervously.

You’re right on time,” the tall, dark, handsome man grinned, as he stepped aside to let me in. This was the first time I’d ever used a male escort and I was nervous.

I’d had a baby, six months ago, but I’d broken up with her father while I was pregnant. The physical side of a relationship was always important to me and now I felt ready to start having sex again.

But I didn’t want a relationship – I was devoted to my daughter and my job in promotions.

One-night stands didn’t appeal, either.

I didn’t want to bring a strange man back to my house now I had a baby. And going to a stranger’s house was just as dangerous.

Looking on a escort listings website, I was amazed at all the different ads.

Eventually, I chose Romi, who was in his late twenties.

We exchanged a few emails, in which I described what sort of things I liked in the bedroom.

I paid him in advance – so I didn’t have to talk money on the night.

Despite my nerves, as soon as I met Romi, he put me at my ease. When I felt comfortable, I leaned in for a kiss and then we had sex.

It was great to have all of the attention focused on me. The sex was great, but part of me felt unsatisfied.

I think I was looking for the emotional connection that comes with having sex with a boyfriend.

What I need now is a proper relationship, so I’ll just have to wait to find the right man. I don’t regret paying for sex and I’d always recommend it over a one-night stand.

It’s healthier, safer and guarantees a good time. (Thanks)

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